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Primary 5. Topic 10

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Topic 10. Primary 5

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Water cycle I

Water cycle II

Story of a drop

Ríos de España I

Ríos de España II

Ríos de Andalucía I

Ríos de Andalucía II

Mapa interactivo España 1

Mapa interactivo España 2

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Día de Andalucía


Himno de Andalucía en power point.   HIMNO ANDALUCIA


Escucha el Himno.


Actividades online sobre nuestra comunidad.

Links for topic 4, primary 5


Label the excretory sytem

Respiratory system

How the body works

Science in Spanish


Topic 5

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Here you can download topic 5 for primary 5.

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Christmas activities

I hope you enjoy with these activities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Christmas online 1

Christmas online 2

Christmas online 3

Christmas online 4

Christmas online 5

Christmas online 6

Build a snowman 1

Build a snowman 2

Build a snowman 3

Decorate a Christmas tree 1

Decorate a Christmas tree 2

Decorate a Christmas tree 3

Decorate your gingerbread man

Snowflake designer

Can you put Rudolph back together?

Ride a sleigh

Primary 5. Topic 4

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