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More animals…

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If you’re interested in drawing and art, click on the following links and you will visit different websites that can teach you how to improve in your skills.

1. How to draw heros

2. Drawing 

3. Doodleacadamy

4. Learn to draw

5. Dragoart

6. Dibujar bien

I hope you like all these wonderful websites.


Art. Animals

These are the new projects for art. We are going to learn how to draw different animals.

1st Animal: Penguin I




2nd Animal. Another penguin

penguin II


3rd animal. A sheep



4th Animal. A bat




I will correct the worksheets in the following dates:

1st penguin: 24h January

2nd penguin: 31st January

3rd sheep: 7th February

4th bat: 14th February

The deadlines must be respected by everybody. It is very important to be responsible of our job.


A new drawing: A lion

These are the two new drawings.


14th December: Penguin II

11th January: Sheep

18th January: Bat

25th January: Lion